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Hi there. I’m Bryan and I wanted to share a project we and the rest of our team have been working very hard on for the last year and a half. It’s called RetroBlox.

RetroBlox is a modern, modular retro game console that lets you play original game cartridges and discs for older game consoles in a new and modern way. It features all the great things you might only expect to find on current-gen systems, such as social sharing, Twitch, library management, playlists, and more.




In designing this console our team decided to make it modular, which gives us a little more flexibility than most other retro game systems where you might see only a few of the most popular game consoles represented. Instead, we wanted to make a console that would offer a complete living-room worthy solution, no matter what your favorite game console is – be it Sega, Nintendo, PlayStation, Atari, or otherwise. Modular allows everyone to choose the system they want to play most, and do so without compromises.




Without compromises also meant that we needed a new method of playing games on RetroBlox. In addition to support for CD-ROM games, which have been sorely missing from most retro consoles released to date, last summer we submitted a provisional patent for a new way of emulating games called “Hybrid Emulation”. Hybrid Emulation is a new way to play that lets our modern system work just like the original consoles did when they were released. So, you never have to worry about whether a game will play or not when you plug it in. It just works.




Although we’re just starting on this journey together, I can’t properly articulate how happy we are to have you join us. We’re just getting started but there’s much, much more information to share with you between now and the beginning of our crowdfunding campaign in April 2017, and we’re going to be back here every week to keep you in the loop.

Until then, we welcome you to join our community forums, start a community group, share your retro gaming projects , or give us a shout on Facebook.

We’ll talk again soon.