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Expansion Port, Dina, and controllers

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    If a ColecoVision module is made, will it have the expansion port for use with the special controllers? I understand adding the expansion port would possibly also require support for the 2600 module and Adam module. Also, it opens up the possibility of playing the Super Game Module & SGM Pro games from Opcode. If the port isn’t feasible, would the module also include support for SGM/Pro features?


    Also, there was the Dina 2-in-1 system that supported the ColecoVision AND Sega SG-1000. Would the ColecoVision module support the SG-1000 too, or would that be reserved for a theoretical Sega 8-bit module?


    Lastly, would we need to hunt down original Coleco controllers, or would there be some other method of numpad input? (This question would also apply to a theoretical Atari 5200, Jaguar, or Intellivision module)


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