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Important Announcement / Update

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    Hi Everyone,

    Thank you for your patience as we’ve been sorting through some matters that have caused us to put a choke hold on our flow of information about this project for the last few weeks.

    Shortly after our official announcement and unveiling in February we were contacted by a company who was concerned that our name and trademark may cause market confusion with theirs. After considering this matter carefully, and in order to stay laser-focused on building and growing our brand, we have decided to transition out of the name RETROBLOX and have been working towards coming up with a shiny new name and brand which will carry this and many other projects forward in to the future.

    Our team have called this project RETROBLOX since January of 2016, so adopting a new name is going to take some getting used to, even for us. But, ultimately this project is much more than a name and we are 100% focused on delivering a great game console no matter what its called.

    As soon as the name is decided and approved, an announcement will be posted here on along with the re-direct to the new website URL.

    How does this affect the crowdfunding date?

    Since the change over to a new name requires a bit of runway before you can launch into something like a crowdfunding campaign – we will be pushing the launch of the crowdfunding campaign out a little bit. We can’t put a hard date on it yet but we will get you this information as soon as it becomes available. Our team is (and has been) full steam ahead on production so as soon as the new name goes live you will see a big surge in details about the console again as we push toward the new crowdfunding date.

    Now for the good news.

    Since the announcement in February, we performed several live demos for investors and other partners who were very excited by the amount of support and energy you all have generated around this project. We’re happy to announce that we have successfully raised a significant amount of working capital, enough for us to take the product to 100% completion before the first day of the crowdfunding campaign begins. When the crowdfunding campaign arrives, it will be your opportunity to get in on some great perks for being one of the first to back the project, and it will help us gauge the size of the first order to put in with our manufacturing partners overseas.

    On that note, we’re Hiring!

    If you’re interested in working on this project, keep an eye on our social feeds for the open positions we will be posting soon, or send in your resume to the connect form at the bottom of the homepage on (and the new website in the future). We will be posting employment opportunities for several open positions in the near future.

    Thank you once again for your patience! We’re very excited to share more details on the project with you as soon as possible.

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    Damn that sucks… Really liked the name Retroblox and the logo. It’s cool though that it won’t bug you guys much and it is for the best. Delaying the crowd funding though bummed me out a bit since I can’t wait to see what special editions I can pre order! My wallet’s ready and my retro games can’t wait to be inserted into a new console 😉

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    This sounds like the perfect opportunity for a Naming Contest! Eh? Eh?


    Either way I echo the feelings of Benjamin.

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    Hey Retroblox team!

    Thanks for the update, sorry to hear about the issues of the name change, but glad to see you guys are able to bounce back from that and get back on track. It’s also exciting to hear that you guys were able to raise some capital and get the project moving. I’m sure Kickstart launch time will be pretty exciting!


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    I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it
    I’m about to lose control and I think I like it
    I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it. Haha anyway It’s good that things can get moving even with a delay

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    Max Oliver

    Massive shame about the name change guys!

    But every little hurdle like this will make you guys and us supporters stronger!


    Really looking for to seeing the updated kickstarter and the new name!

    Good luck chaps

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    Sad to see it delayed, but loving you guys are moving foward. Can’t wait to back you guys !! 😀

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    Should change the name to RetroPlus.

    It suits the concept of enhancing retro games and the addition of modular parts to the base unit. The existing logo could be rotated 45 degrees to resemble a ‘plus’ sign.

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    J Gall

    Is it possible to say what company’s trademark was “going to cause market confusion”? That way, we can tell what direction you’re going with in the new name.

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    Well it could be retron or retro freak or even roblox for some reason but I doubt they will officialy say who because of legal reasons


    When does Kickstart Campaign ??

    I can not wait.

    I’m very excited about this project


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    Any updates here?  I feel for you for having to change your name/logo/etc., since that is all tied to your marketing/social/website, but just curious if we are going to get any updates since it has been a month and a half since the OP.


    Super excited for this product, will definitely be supporting on Kickstarter since I still have all my old carts/discs/etc. ready to use! 🙂



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    I would get prepared to wait another year…

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