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Official Multicarts


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    Hi.  I know you guys said that flash carts (which you frown upon) cannot be copied on to the Retroblox’s internal memory.  Will that also be the case for legal, commercial multicarts like the Sega 6-Pak?  And assuming the Sega 6-Pak and similar carts can be copied to the internal memory, will it always preserve the game’s old UI, or will there be cases where individual games can be copied and put into separate playlists?

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    Flashcarts and the official multi-game carts function differently, in that Flashcarts load roms on demand and the official multi-game carts are themselves a single rom that repackaged multiple games together.  They should work fine, in theory.

    I might be wrong though so it would be nice to see some official confirmation of course.  But the Flashcarts not being able to be copied is less due to their stance on piracy and more due to how copying a rom works.  It’s why some clone systems like the Retron series can’t properly support flashcarts either.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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