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Other CD Rom type console support?

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    As I understand, the CD portion of your unit will run a few different systems in one Disk Drive? I see there are several systems supported for CD rom. Curious are there plans to add more supported CD systems, such as;  3Do, CD-I, C64/Amiga, DreamCast, GameCube?

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    As they have said before, if there is enough support and want for it they will make it. As for dreamcast and game cube they wan to wait for the copyrights to end on the consoles

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    Hopefully we’ll see Dreamcast support added at some stage. Now sure how many patents Sega filed for it, but, given that we’re only 18 months away from the 20th anniversary of the Japanese launch of the Dreamcast, most would hopefully have only another year or two left before they expire. This link lists a couple of the Dreamcast patents; if nothing else it gives a bit of hope that the third party Dreamcast clones aren’t as far away as we might think.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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