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project dead?

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    Is it safe to say this project is dead? No update for a while.

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    While it’s a tad disappointing to see things go quiet, I’m pretty sure the guys working on it are knee deep working on the Kickstarter, which is due to kick off in April. I’d imagine there’s a surprise announcement or two for when the project officially kicks off.

    Recently an Admin commented that there’s going to be more news incoming but due to NDA they can’t until a specific date. Which my take on it is a good thing.

    But I feel your pain. I’m eager to see more develop.





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    It’s not dead. The team is currently under a legal embargo so they legally can not put out an update or even answer questions about the console. All they can say is that they are still working on it and that they are in a legal battle.

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    Miguel Torez

    What is the legal battle about? I know SNK has still been using their Neo Geo console’s name (Neo Geo X). This may be very difficult to get off the ground. They have everything running on this except the 3DO. Haha. I guess if this ever comes out the 3DO is one of the only consoles that I will need to keep outside of my current gen of consoles, and the couple of last gens.

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    Well by the looks of things I was the last one to get a hold of the team publicly at least. They said and I quote

    “Hey Foefan, we’re full steam ahead on the project as usual.

    We also have a rather large update that’s ready to share but we’re under a legal embargo until some deals are finalized. We know you guys are hungry for more info so we’re pushing to get that information ready to announce as soon as possible.”

    It doesn’t give us much but, at least it give reason for their silence. Sadly this was 2 weeks ago now

    I am going to try to get a hold of them again since April is coming up fast.



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    J Gall

    A legal embargo is different than a legal battle. Most likely, a potential partner of theirs has a non-disclosure agreement in place before the official Kickstarter offering gets to a particular milestone (campaign beginning, campaign goal met, etc.).

    Since they said from the beginning that a lot of the information would be held back until the Kickstarter campaign, it’s not surprising there’s little coming from the team about the system.

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    Hi Guys, we’re still full steam ahead. You will know right away why we haven’t been posting updates once you see the announcement. Please hang tight in the meantime.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Could we get a possible time frame better than the whole month of April. Im still all for this but As you can see some people seem to be losing interest and hope and that’s not going to be good for the Kickstarter.</p>

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    I’m very eager to learn more details…

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    in the words of retroblox …keep waiting…

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    Eagerly looking for an announcement. Everything still on track for the reveal?

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