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    Tyson Way

    If only i can play my old PS2 game collection on this Retroblox… im down…i’ll pay anything to play PS1 and PS2 thru hdmi 1080P. I cant play my old fat model PS2 anymore because my 4k TV does not have the right inputs. But it of course has HDMI..also i know my old 60 gig ps3 is gonna die soon, so i’m not going to have any other option to play my PS2 on my TV once my ps3 dies [most older fat ps3 models die sooner or later] . I know of other emulators out there, but i want to do this legally and play my physical copy of my games i have in my collection.

    And Sega CD?! Are you kidding me? Sega CD was one of my favorite systems growing up as a kid {Snatcher, Sonic CD}, along with genesis games too.. maybe i should have posted that in the Sega section but.. anyway, i cant wait for this system to come out!


    Thank you.. my prayers have been answered lol :]

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    Hey TW, I’m right there with you!  Pretty pumped at the prospect of this system, and PS2 has some great games for sure. R-type Final, for instance, is one I’d love to play on my bit HDTV (no PS3 here, so… still a dream).

    PS2 games, however, are still being released on the PS4 so that may be a big red flag from a legal standpoint.  Also, while the Rockchip RK3288 is quite capable, it seems like PS2 might be pushing the limits for emulation.  But hey- we’ll still have Sega CD, PS1, and (most important IMO) TurboGrafx CD! 😀

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    Tyson Way

    Yeah i completely forgot about the PS2 games on PS4 at the time of my post. Although it would be nice to have, there would probably be some legal issues. I just hate that Sony forces us to pay 10-15 dollars to re-buy our PS2 games that they never update lol. last i checked they only have 30 or so games on the PSN store. And your right about ps2 pushing limits of emulation, i seen some crazy people on youtube running Gran Turismo 4 in 4k resolution with custom graphics shaders lol.. that would probably be hard to do even on 1080p alone. And i heard the specs to run that game on an emulator are pretty demanding [if you want it to look nice].

    I heard of R-Type Final before, wasn’t it like a side scrolling shooter where your in a space ship? I played a game called Armada for Dreamcast which is kinda the same thing.. that game was cool too. but yeah i’ll have to check out R-Type man..

    And i always wanted to play TurboGrafx 16 and CD when i was younger. But never got a chance too.. what are some good games for it?



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    Seeing PS2 under “retro consoles” actually makes me feel old. Anyways I would love to see the PS2 being supported at some point. I have a PS2, but the laser unit is going out on me as it can’t read CD Rom discs anymore. (So I can’t play PS1/blue PS2 discs on it…) I do own a PS1 to compensate for the PS1 games, however I have a few CD Rom PS2 games I can’t play unless I replace the laser unit. :\

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    I would love to be able to play my PS2 games again without having to buy an old console that will break down randomly.

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