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    Heyho, it’s kinda sad that nothing happens in the last 3/4 days here…Of course there was easter, but nonetheless I have some questions which aren’t (in my opininion and after searching through the forums) completely answered yet:


    1) Is it possible to use translation patches (like it’s used to be on Retron5 and RetroFreak) with retroblox? It would be awesome playing japanese-only games with english fan translations =)


    2) Are you going to release a gameboy module on which we could play game boy, game boy color and game boy advance games?


    3) You mentioned an online store for buying digital games…Dumb, but as well important question: Are you selling Indie-Games on it like Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft? Or would it maybe possible for you to sell retro games as well? I could imagine that this would be impossible to achieve, in special regards to Nintendo I guess…


    4) Do I need an adapter to play famicom games on the NES-Module?


    5) Can you guarantee Multi-Tap-Support?


    6) Will it be possible to play multiplayer games online? (Super Bomberman 5 for example)

    7) If so: Do I have to pay a subscription fee for this?


    8) Are shaders/ filters/ scanlines in retroblox implemented as well?


    9) SNES-Games with special graphics chip are supported?


    10) Are 8bitdo-Controllers (and especially the wireless receivers:) ) supported?


    Sorry for my weird english =) I’m looking forward to back this console the hell out on kickstarter….I hope I embarrassed nobody.


    Have a nice day =)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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