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tick tock retroblox


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    Time keeps on slipping into the future and you have kept to your silence. I’m sad  to say but the longer this delay continues the more your project fades from memory. how much longer must this take to choose a new name?


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    Matt R

    Not that this will diminish your disappointment or frustration in any way, but picking a new name isn’t a simple thing. They can’t just say, “Oh well. Let’s go with ‘Biff.'” and call it a day. First they need to come up with a list of names they like, and that they feel will convey the idea they want for their company and their device. Every name on the list then has to be vetted by their legal people to try to avoid a second naming conflict. Assuming enough names get through the vetting process, they move on, otherwise, they may need to do further rounds of name ideation until they have enough candidates.

    Once THAT’S done, they can move on to having logos concepted out for their top picks, and then those probably will be run through some kind of external focus testing to try to make sure they pick something that will resonate with customers. And I guess if the focus testing went especially poorly, they might end up having to go back to name ideation again (although I suspect they’ll avoid that).

    It all takes time, and I’m sure that “tick tock” sound is banging in their heads the whole time, since they only have so much runway before they HAVE to launch a product or run out of money.

    Again: none of this alleviates OUR frustration waiting for something we hope is going to be a really cool device, but (assuming they’re competent) they aren’t just sitting around picking their noses. It would be nice if the community were more in-the-loop, but a dozen posts of “still working on a name” probably wouldn’t do anything more to engender good will than the silence. We just need to be patient, and hope for the best. Assuming they get through the process relatively efficiently, I imagine they’ll start opening the floodgates on press and outreach pretty quickly to start priming the pump for their KS and other marketing efforts.

    P.S. Just to be clear, I don’t work for or have any contact or affiliation with Retroblox, so I’m just giving you my best educated guess as to the process their undertaking. Take with a grain of salt, etc.

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    J Gall

    Keep in mind that this isn’t smoke & mirrors, promises promises (you know they’ll never keep, since we’re doing music references in this thread apparently) like the old Phantom PC console and since they’ve had actual hands-on demos, it isn’t something like the Coleco Chameleon.

    As someone who has followed retro hardware developments like the 7800 XM ( ) and Super Game Module for Colecovision ( ). I know these things take time.

    As someone who has been involved with legal battles, I know that takes time as well, even trying to get untangled from a case takes time.

    Let’s face it, it’s been 40 years since the Atari 2600 (earliest of the confirmed consoles supported) came out and it’s only been a little over 3 months at best since this console’s been announced. Even the Xbox One had 6 months between it was officially announced (May 2013) and released (November 2013).

    While they did at one point promise weekly updates (Jan 31 post), I can understand how legal issues have tied their hands regarding what and when things can be said, with silence erring on the side of caution.

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    Hang in there, guys. As others have said, this is a slow process, especially in view of its placement on the physical hardware of the system. Its not something that can be updated with a few mouse clicks (as much as we would have loved that!)


    I’ve been checking this forum nearly every day for the last month and a half, so I know the feeling of crazed anticipation.  But I understand that these guys hit a major obstacle, and I think they’ve actually been very very generous with the updates, considering they’re still in the middle of legal issues and don’t have much they’re able to say.  Judging from the post above it’s sounding like a sourcing/manufacturing issue now, which is good news.  It implies that a name has been picked and they’re waiting for a physical mock-up or working prototype before they make the big announcement.  As for why they can’t just tell us a name on this forum, well, this is a business.  Things have to be done right, with press releases and unveilings and whatnot.  As soon as they make an announcement, every game blog and news organization is going to pounce on it.  So it’s not something that would look good in a random forum post.  But it’s sounding like it’s close.

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    I’m glad to hear things are progressing; hopefully we’ll get a more thorough update in the not too distant future.

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