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Welcome to the RetroBlox Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) database. Here you can find answers to the most common questions other people have asked about the RetroBlox Modular Game Console.

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Will you support the Sega Dreamcast or the Sega Saturn?

Currently, we are focused on supporting the systems announced for the crowdfunding campaign in our news post HERE. However, we intend to release software updates after the launch of RetroBlox which will allow more CD-based game consoles to be supported in the future.

How much will the Retroblox Base Unit cost?

We have not yet announced the price of RetroBlox, but it will be very affordable. We have stated publicly that the base unit, including one Element Module of your choice and a Wireless Bluetooth Controller will cost less than a base Nintendo Switch, which sells for around $299.99

How much will each Element Module cost and will the price vary for each module?

Modules will vary in price depending on the complexity of the module from both the software and hardware perspective. Generally speaking, you will be able to buy modules for around the same price as a new video game.

Will I be able to play my multi-disc CD games on RetroBlox?

For multi-disc based games, you will be able to change them just like the real systems, or you can also install all discs of a multi-disc game to RetroBlox for ease of access and preservation.

Can I support the Retroblox crowdfunding campaign and have the system shipped to me outside the United States? Will it come with the necessary power supply for my region?

We will make announcements as to the territories that can support the crowdfunding campaign as we draw closer to its launch, but you can be assured that it will at least support the regions which Kickstarter supports. We will supply the necessarily power supply or adapter to play in your region in the box.

Will Retroblox support Playstation 2, N64, Gamecube or the Wii?

We have no intention of supporting most of these systems at this time. N64 will be supported upon the expiration of its remaining patents in the next few years.

Will I be able to utilize game cheats or translation patches on my games?

Yes. There are a few different ways to do this which we will provide details on before the crowdfunding campaign.

Will Retroblox support my original controllers and memory cards?

You can use original controllers with the Element Modules which will have at least two controller ports on them each. Multi-taps are compatible as well to expand the number of original controllers you’re using. Players 3+ may also use the RetroBlox Wireless Bluetooth controllers in conjunction with the wired controllers for games with more than 2 players. Memory cards are not supported for systems that used them, but you can back up your game saves from the cartridge based games, and there will be internal save states available.

Will Everdrives, Game Genies and multi-game carts work with RetroBlox?

Yes, for play only. You will not be able to install games loaded on to those devices to the RetroBlox UI independently of one another.

Will Retroblox support all regions and all formats?

We will support all regions and all formats (PAL, NTSC, SECAM, etc).

Will I be able to dump my roms on Retroblox and play them?

While the direct importing of ROMs will not be supported, you can bet we want to find alternative, legal ways to bring classic gaming into your living room and respect the copyrights of publishers.

Is Retroblox just gong to run Libretro/RetroArch with your own frontend?

We have spent a significant amount of time building our own OS solution, customizing our hybrid emulation method and emulators, and building a system that is fully tuned around the performance needs of our platform. Libretro and RetroArch are not used on RetroBlox in any way, shape, or form.

Is Retroblox 100% emulation?

RetroBlox uses a new method for playing old games called hybrid emulation. Its more like 50% emulation and 50% hardware.

Can Retroblox come to my event?

We have received many requests to attend various retro gaming events all over the world.  Please email us at and let us know more about your event.

I'm an indie game developer and I'd like to develop for the Retroblox. Who would I contact to find out more info?

Contact us at

Will there be support for 3DO, CDI, FM Marty, GBA, Gameboy, GBC, Amiga CD32, Atari 7800, Atari 5200, Game Gear, Neo Geo MVS/AES, etc

We’d love to support them all day one but there are many factors that contribute to the feasibility of supporting these platforms on RetroBlox. Some of those factors include availability of parts, demand / audience size, legal matters, and more. That said, our goal is to provide support for as many consoles as possible into the future so that gamers of all types can enjoy a modern experience with their system of choice.

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